Lotto draw 1380 Wednesday 19 March 2014

Lotto Winning Numbers for now Wednesday 03/19/2014 are:

Lotto draw 1380

Draw 1380, Wednesday, March 19 2014

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Number of Winners Payout per Winner
Div 1 (Six Correct Numbers)
1 R 21,479,384.00
Div 2 (Five Correct Numbers + Bonus Ball)
1 R 324,248.00
Div 3 (Five Correct Numbers)
82 R 8,897.00
Div 4 (Four Correct Numbers + Bonus Ball)
203 R 1,996.00
Div 5 (Four Correct numbers)
4302 R 315.00
Div 6 (Three Correct Numbers + Bonus Ball)
5702 R 156.00
Div 7 (Three Correct Numbers)
77374 R 37.00
Rollover amount for next draw: R 0
This is rollover number: 0
Total prize pool for this draw: R 28,045,854
Total sales: R 18,013,810
Next Estimated Jackpot: R 2,000,000
Draw Machine Used: Mooinooi
Ball Set Used: 50
Draw Number: 1380

Next Drawing 1380, Saturday 03/22/2014

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